Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Advice on Self-Publishing

Whether an author should self-publish, how to do it, how to succeed if you try -- these are all the questions buzzing around the publishing biz these days. Some authors seem to feel that traditional, "dead-tree" publishers are dinosaurs with absolutely no relevance.

[I have to admit I love the phrase "dead-tree" publishers. The environmental impact of this business has always been something that's troubled me. It's one of the main reasons we switched to all electronic submissions. But I have to admit when folks use the phrase these days, it sounds so negative on so many levels!]

Hardly a day goes by without at least one author asking me about self-publishing. As with most issues and since I am also an attorney (and this is the attorneys' favorite response), the answer I give is always "it depends." I do believe each situation is unique and ALL factors should be considered, not just that everyone else is doing it and some are even making money at it. So today when I saw a blog post on this subject from Jane Friedman, former publisher of Writers' Digest and a professor of media and writing at the University of Cincinnati that I thought made an enormous amount of sense, I wanted to share the link. She suggests that while authors may have great power, they still need to use it responsibly. Take a look at her piece and let me know what you think.


Glynis Peters said...

Good advice in the article. I am still chasing the dream of a publisher. For me I think it would help me grow as a writer.

Unknown said...

This blog makes some great points. Having an objective professional to review and comment on your work is invaluable, whether it's an agent or an editor. Publishing yourself means you not only write and format your book, you must also be your own editor, promoter, cover art designer, etc. I'd much rather focus on writing, and leave the rest to the art and marketing professionals.

Clover Autrey said...

Great article that makes a lot of sense. Empowerment with caution.