Monday, May 3, 2010

Let the submissions begin

So, it's May . . . and I know I promised to reopen to queries. But no where did I commit that it would be done after the stroke of midnight on April 30th. Some of you have already taken me to task.

Patience, I say.

First, I had to recover from a wonderful but grueling week at RT in Columbus, Ohio. Then, well it was the weekend. But again, I hadn't seen Harry for a week, so someone had to make that up to him. And then there were those personal chores (like laundry) that wait for no man or woman. And, finally, I had left the passwords at my office. So, is that enough explanation for the delay?

But, now I can officially declare,

As of today (May 3rd), Elaine P. English Literary is open to all submissions via email.

Please consult our submission guidelines for how to query us and please make sure that your project is one of the types we represent. Also, there is no need to query everyone at everyone's email address. One query submission is enough. A query to the queries email address will suffice or if you are submitting a YA project, then you may direct it instead to Naomi's email address.

For those of you who submitted on May 1st or 2nd and got a standard response, you will need to resubmit.


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