Friday, February 26, 2010

Mea Culpa

Sometimes when you step back and take a break from the routine, it frees up some time to do catch up work. To finally take a moment and check on things that you otherwise take for granted. To step out of the daily routine and look to see if those processes you have in place are actually working. That's what's been happening around here since I started my break from queries.

And lo and behold, I discovered a hiccup in the process we had in place to receive email queries. Somewhere along the way some switch may have tripped or some auto system may have reset and it looks as though some queries sent to our queries email box may never have reached their destination -- all totally unbeknownst to me. While it's not surprising that I missed that technological misstep (remember, I'm the one born in the era of black and white TV), we are all totally baffled that it was never brought to our attention in any way, until our web hosting company advised us that we were about to overflow our quota of space and Naomi began her investigation.

Sadly, we don't know how long this may have been going on and whether some of these lost queries made it through anyway or by other means.

But for those of you who submitted queries to that mailbox and never received any response from our agency, YOU HAVE MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES.

We always respond to mail that comes to us and we'll always say "no thank you" if we're not interested in your project. So if you submitted and didn't hear anything, it's likely your query ended up in this lost and lost chasm that developed in our website.

So, again, I apologize. Mea Culpa. The problem has been fixed. All systems are now working and we will ensure that they are fully operational at all times from now on. So, if you're still looking for an agent for that project, PLEASE query us again in May.

(Remember the break only applies to projects directed to me, Naomi continues to accept YA queries at

Thanks, Elaine

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Buffy Andrews said...

Thanks for the heads up Elaine. Have a super weekend.